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From $35

Duration: 2.5 Hours, 2 Miles

Home to palatial mansions, elegant cemeteries, stately churches, and a world class University, explore the highlights and secrets of Washington’s most exclusive neighborhood! Learn about the dramatic rags to riches transformation of  this now idyllic enclave of Washington DC.

From $35

Duration: 2 Hours, 1.5 Miles

Gilded Age opulent mansions and grand embassies line the streets of one of Washington’s most fashionable neighborhoods. Hear the stories and scandals that helped shape the Nation behind the doors of the District’s most extravagant homes.

From $35

Duration: 2 Hours, 1 Mile

Explore the political core of Washington DC—from the first plans for a new Federal City, to the tumultuous construction of the U.S. Capitol, the rise of the resplendent Beaux Arts Library of Congress and imposing Supreme Court, and into the present day. Controversy, chaos, and red tape abound!

From $35

Duration: 3 Hours, 4 Miles

Established in 1890, Rock Creek Park was the third National Park in the country, and the first in a major city. More than 2,000 acres was set aside as a refuge for wildlife and an escape for locals, winding its way through Northwest Washington DC. Beyond natural beauty, Rock Creek contains historic structures, memorials, ruins, and other remnants of the past.

From $35

Duration: 2 Hours, 1 Mile

Dubbed “The Queen of the Washington Suburbs,” Cleveland Park boasts the most cherry trees in all of DC.

Join a seasonal tour to explore Cathedral grounds, stroll picturesque tree lined streets, learn about a Presidential retreat, and experience the bloom like a local!

From $35

Duration: 2.5 Hours, 2.5 miles

Visit the Kennedy Graves, go inside Arlington Mansion, witness a Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and learn stories and secrets within this hallowed ground. This tour is offered publicly on Memorial and Veterans Day. Please reserve a private tour outside of those times.

From $250

Duration: Customizable

Book your private design tour to explore DC in depth. Choose any of our Washington walking tours to be conducted as a private tour, with just you, your family or group, and your guide!